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Fishers FOP endorses prosecutor, judge candidates

March 27,

Fishers Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge #199 has announced endorsements of two candidates in the upcoming May 3rd primary election. Republicans Greg Garrison for Hamilton County Prosecutor and Darren Murphy for the Superior Court 7 judgeship received the endorsements. The Superior Court 7 has been newly-created.

In a letter to his membership dated March 10th and released to the media Sunday, Lodge #199 President Christopher T. Owens listed his organization’s endorsements. Lodge #199 participated in a March 7th candidate night, sponsored jointly with other FOP Lodges in Hamilton County. Garrison and incumbent Prosecutor Lee Buckingham participated in the event. Murphy appeared along with another hopeful for the Superior Court 7 judgeship, Stephanie Gookins.

In his letter to the Fishers Lodge membership, Owens writes the Hamilton County Prosecutor endorsement “is based on Greg Garrison’s responses and willingness to work with law enforcement.”

In the decision to endorse Darren Murphy as judge, Owens says that decision “is based on Judge Murphy’s responses and willingness to work with law enforcement.”

Only the Republicans listed have filed for Prosecutor and Superior Court Judge in the primary election. Democrats could be appointed as candidates this summer for the general election November 8th of this year by the Democratic Party Chair.



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